Ontario Vehicle History

Ontario Vehicle History search contains various information in regards to the vehicle you are purchasing such as physical specifications, vehicle history, and more. This is legally required(For Private Sellers) in Ontario if purchasing a car. This will help to give an accurate overview of the car for the buyer as well as keep records updated for the next individual to view the history of this vehicle before deciding to complete the purchase.

There are many reasons to consider getting a Ontario Vehicle History

  • It offers the history of owners which is quite crucial as it is one record. This is one of the reasons it is legally required in private sales as a gap in ownership history can raise a lot of questions since there is no accountability for the vehicle if there is a gap in ownership
  • Provided an outline of the physical specifications of the vehicle which can be quite important when analyzing the vehicle to make sure it matches what is on records and has reasons if it is not. It will also allows you to see if any modification were done off the books


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